Site Review: Blabberize

A "Blabber" is a talking photo.
Quick, easy and fun describe this site!

I love this site! The only issue that I have had with the site, is the Twitter feed (noted on the photo with the yellow arrow). However, the site has disabled the feed and is no longer an issue at this time. I personally, would have students go directly to the "make" page ( when using this site. This would also avoid any "browsing" in the browse portion of the site that is an option from the main page. This section is where all Blabbers go that are set to public and could have something you do not what viewed.

This site is very easy to use. You choose the photo. Having a folder of photos ready for your students will help with internet safety and time management. Keep in mind the smaller the mouth on the photo the more difficult it could be when you place the mouth. Following the mouth placement (see photo), you then are able to add the audio. In order to save your Blabber, you will have to be signed in or be creative to get around it (screen recordings).
If you would like to know more about Blabberize, you can see this PDF of my presentation for SimpleK12 by clicking here.

Feel free to share how you have used Blabberize or your own review in the comments!


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