Spoke #1: My Story

Why should you listen to me as "I am technically speaking"? What do I know? Who am I? Do I have any expertise or authority on the matter?

This is my story....

I began my teaching career in January 1997, taking over a 2nd grade teacher needing to move with her husband's job. Fresh out of college, I moved towns (Topeka to Olathe) and began life as a teacher. Being the low woman on the teaching pole, the opening of a new school in 1999, made for a time to make decisions. I could move to the new school or look into new opportunities. Making the decision to move on, I really moved on and found a rental in McPherson (I had found a certain man living there that I was interested in). Note that I stated I found a rental....not a job. However, I was hired by Hesston Middle School to teach 6th grade during the moving process. Enjoying two years as a middle school teacher, I made the decision to leave and look into a masters. (During my years there I also married the "certain man") I wouldn't start my masters work until 2003. Those two years prior were filled with being pregnant, substitute teaching, and prepping to become a mom. When my daughter was out of the baby stage, I started attending my three-hour evening course once a week. This was the perfect opportunity for me to complete a maters program! Two years later I completed my degree and earned a technology certification. 

My involvement with teacher education began about five years ago, however, the dream began during my masters training. For a few more credit hours I could have one of three certifications (reading, math or technology). I wish at this point I could say that technology stood out to me and I knew that it was the “path” for me. However, I chose it because it didn’t require any extra time in the classroom and the others did. Yet that one decision, not based on much, has opened so many doors and developed into something I am very passionate about. I completed my masters knowing that I wanted to be involved with teacher training. My technology certification gave me the edge in carving out my current career. 

Although my position is just part time in teacher education at Central Christian College of Kansas, my impact on educational technology is not! I have a rare opportunity to work not only in the area of teacher education part time, but also in a K-12 school (Elyria Christian School) as their K-6 Librarian and K-12 Instructional Technologist. Between these two schools I work with all ages of students and all levels of classroom teachers. 

I love that my educational path has crossed both public and private school settings. In addition, I have had personal experience in an elementary (K-6), middle (5-8), K-12 school, and college. All to say that I have been there and I know what it is like! 

The hub and a spoke! Building the wheel...one piece at a time!


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