I have been writing the last several posts about building my wheel and I have decided that it is built! Prior to that decision, I looked up spokes on a wheel to see just how many spokes it takes to build a wheel. Here is a screenshot of that search result:
As I considered the different numbers and large amount of spokes, I began to think about the large amount of posts that would mean. How many more posts could I come up with to build this wheel? Would I start to lose people?
And then I thought about a three spoked wheel...maybe any of these could be my wheel:
Yes, any one of those wheels could be "my" wheel. And therefore, my wheel is done :)

What does that exactly mean for you?

I will stop talking about building my wheel and I will start to do what I have set out to do with this blog! Aren't you spoked! (yes I had to)


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