Expo Thank You #2

Thank you DOTZ!

I had a blast meeting C. K. Tan and his family! This is a family run company and was in its debut at ISTE!

He gave me one of his DotzBooks and some of the Dotz! These rubbery dotz have a similarity to legos.

Pictured to the left is an example of the DotzBook that I have at home to play with. Although I haven't had much time due to my kids playing with it! This has been a hit with my kids!! Although, my eldest has yet to remove the previously created "creeper" (as seen in photo above) and was beyond pumped when I brought it home.
The notebook may not look like much at first, but add the Dotz and let the fun begin! You can create any design for your notebook, iPhone case, or iPad mini case. The image to the left is from the Dotz website with a few examples.

I think that you could easily make your Dotz into base-ten pieces or work on counting. I also wonder about tangram pieces or other manipulative "shapes". You could absolutely try to create example of characters from books. Or better yet, create your own character and then write your book with the paper inside the DotzBook.

It is hands-on fun! I think kids will LOVE this....I know that my kids have.


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