Building A Personal Brand

I've been reading "The Complete Guide to Building Your Personal Brand" . *Don't stop reading* I know that probably doesn't sound interesting to most of you. Some fellow Launch Me's will completely understand this. However, even if you are not a "Launch Me", stay with me as a explore this more.

To begin, I need to go back to where this idea was planted....Launch Me. You can read a little about it here in this past post. You also can find out more here. I've gone back and forth on how to move forward with my new knowledge. There are times that I am ready to become "the presenter" who travels around and makes big bucks. And then I will stop and do complete 180 that I don't want to be doing that. Back and forth. Back and forth. Often asking myself "what do I want to be/do?".

However, I'm beginning to see that it isn't (or doesn't have to be) that black and white. It isn't just about becoming a presenter. It is more along the lines of this guide that I've been reading. It is about building my personal brand.

So over the next several blog posts I am going to explore this topic. One, I work/blog better with set things in mind. Two, I'm sharing with you my adventure and this is part of it (part of my stretching and growing).

And I think that you can probably pick up a trick or two yourself.


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