Home Sweet Home

We moved this summer to our very own home! It is a great place and here are just a few reasons...

This is one of my favorite views. I love the tall ceilings, the wood burning stove, and open feeling. Not so much all the dog toys :)

Our front room which leads to our bedroom or up to the loft area. Again the dog is responsible for the rag on the floor.

Two of the best features of the bathroom: jetted tub and this shower renovation. As you can see the tub area is still in reno mode. We have matching tile for our next reno project to put around the tub. Nothing to blame on the dog here...but he sure does get riled up with the hair dryer!
This was the first reno project due to a leaking shower. FIL just put the finishing touch on this today, with the matching shower head and knob!! Love!!

Yes, it is home sweet home! Renovations and all!! It is nice to make it ours!
And the icing on the cake for the girls....they could finally get a dog.

Don't let him fool you by this photo...he isn't the calm and cuddle type most of the time. But he is a whole other post!


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