For my last tech class I had Kevin Case as a special speaker. Mr. Case is the Superintendent of Inman Schools and a Twitter in Education guru. I've had him come the last few years and each time I walk away excited in my own use of Twitter. I hope the glazed eyes of my students do not represent the impact :) just the late time of the day for class.

This session, Mr. Case shared some about his new ebook that will be coming out soon. Excited to be a part of the trial of his book, I signed on! His book TwirtyDays is a 30 day guide for using Twitter. So far I have completed the first week of challenges. I've added more connections and added some followers! In fact here is a look at a report from this week on Twitter:
Compare that to the previous week:
Quite a difference!
Ah, the power of purposeful tweets and hashtags. Week one has pushed me to be more active and try new things when tweeting.
This is the official last assignment for the week...weekend warrior. The idea is to tweet about something you normally wouldn't. I tend to not link my blog in here it goes!


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