Podstock Day 1

The started off with an awesome keynote address staring Ginger Lewman. My notes from this session can be found here.

Session 1: Wearables (for short)
The presentation link is https://goo.gl/wrG8m9
Best information gathered was learning how to cheaply acquire LED, batteries, and other materials. It was fun to play with the materials from this session, but I found myself wishing that I had brought a "wearable" to have decorated. And wishing for more info and hands on time with the Gemma and Flora options for wearables. 

Session 2: pi a la mode
Raspberry Pi --an affordable computer that can be programmed
In this session we viewed the Python Programming and worked with a Raspberry Pi. It continues to intrigue me, but there still is much to be learned before taking the jump to fork over the $90 for a starter kit. I'm sure the learning could/would happen upon the purchase, however, this seems very advanced. 

Session 3: Embrace Your Inner MacGaver
In the end this was really about app-smashing. Several challenges were given with time to complete using the apps/tools on the devices you had on hand. The challenges are located here as well as a link within to a spreadsheet of the various apps/tools that participants used. I will be checking out the list and maybe adding some apps to my device!

Session 4: App Making
Thankfully I planned ahead to be in this session and downloaded the CodeX software that was needed for this session. For most of the session I was able to stay with the step-by-step walkthrough by the presenter. Toward the end things were not working correctly, it became very hard to follow and I gave up. Unfortunately, I left without a working app program. I did gain some knowledge on how the software works, but this was way too much to learn in one session. I may have to Google some tutorial videos and try some more...or delete the program and move on.


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