Relaunch Reflection

Back in 2013, I wrote a post about a launch. Now almost 5 years later, I was able to participate in a review or I'll call it a "relaunch".

Ginger and Kevin created a new online version, "Taking Your Excellence Global".  They opened the course for launch grads to review and receive feedback.

This was a great opportunity for reflection--in 5 years things are quite a bit different....
Then (2013)
 -under 200 followers
-looking for a full time tech position
-over 900 Twitter followers now
-Full Time Education Technology Specialist
-Now Google Certified for Education Certified Trainer
-Pursuing becoming an ISTE Certified Teacher in one of the first cohorts

Sometimes we see where we are not....we see others making bigger strides, doing "bigger" things, and seemingly making it big. I am guilty of it. I compare myself and chide myself. However, looking back I am seeing a lot of growth!

I've presented over 40 webinars with SimpleK12 and reached teachers all over the world. I've was able to present at ISTE in 2016. Last summer, I presented at Podstock and that is one of around 10 other conferences that I've been privileged to present at (and some multiple years). I am now a part of an incredible group of Kansas Google for Education Certified Trainers. This group has brought not only opportunities to present, but also new friendships and support.

And daily, I have the opportunity to work with some great teachers, providing support for them with their technology integration. This work is an extension of an IT team that I'm proud to be part of. I know you can't see my face right now -- but I am smiling. My heart is happy talking about what I am doing.

Do I still dream of more? Yes. I'm a lifelong learner and dreamer. There is more to come from me! 


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