Adventures with Shwup and Animoto

I am a huge fan of Animoto. Anyone that offers educators a pro account for free is tops in my book! Here are some of the features that I really like: background choice, adding text, adding video and pictures, and choices for music. Recently, I took note of another site that boasted that it was similar to Animoto. This site is shwup. It is also a free service and free to anyone. It is very similar however, it lacks in several areas. Shwup is missing in variety for background and music. I did like that the choice of background also changed the type of transitions it made. It does not have any info about different account levels. There is small print that "adding more than 25 photos/video will create a premium muvee". It does not include that the premium will cost you money. However, once you have made the video and click finish you are faced with a decision to have the free with 25 or less pictures or the HD option with more photos for $5 (4.95 really, but close enough).  I was disappointed that neither offers the HD without purchasing for $5.00. I was slightly tricked by Shwup in thinking that they would give me the HD without payment. Neither gives you that detail until you have spent the time making the movie...and then HD and my plan for putting it where I need it is spoiled.
Is there a free video service out there that will also do HD for free?
Next experiment will be with Microsoft Movie Maker. I had hoped to not have to put the extra time into it, but that is what I get for wanting others to do the hard work.


  1. I use Animoto often - personally (Christmas "card"), professionally (one for our staff on the 1st day of school) and with students (state technology assessment.) Enjoy it a lot.


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