The "to do" list

I may have just given myself the biggest, craziest, longest summer to do list ever!

1. Organize ECS library in a better way
2. Switch ECS library from current organizational system to Sycamore Library system
3. Plan for ECS library classes
4. Plan for ECS technology training on Mimio
5. Plan for CCC fall courses
6. Teach directed study course
7. Prepare SimpleK12 Aug. webinar
8. Go back through all ISTE resources
9. Look into changing personal website and blog to reflect the current changes with career (addition of library/media position.
10. Be patient with list, children, etc.

I used to have create an online book for my tech class...but I am thinking that is not going to happen.
Otherwise here is how things are going....
#1 and #2 are in process and as a result said library is a MESS! So I should add to the list CLEAN :)
#3 was started and is on hold while 1 and 2 are in process.
#4 training "manuel" for first session is together. Second training session is now scheduled and needing training plans
#5 syllabi made, ready for copy...except for one course calendar or maybe two
#6 week one of eight started and almost ready for student start, Edmodo portion started
#7 title and description submitted and tweaked by Sari (she rocks with words)
#8 no comment :)
#9 on my mind
#10 patience is not my strength


  1. I'm impressed with all that you have accomplished so far. You rock! Need to get together before the summer is over and share ideas. Hope to see you soon.


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