Another shameless plug

Yes, this is another shameless plug for my favorite professional development tool....SimpleK12 and a little for myself. Not too long ago I was interviewed via Skype for a promotional video and it is now live! Take a look for yourself and watch for me...


  1. Oh I love the site and the company. I have learned so much from the webinars, resources and the fantastic presenters (wink!) and the resident Blue Bunny slipper wearers of SK12.
    I feel like I know them personally because it is so much like a family.
    I chuckle each time, they talk about how many members they have because of course it would multiply-it did start with 2 bunnies!!!

    I have told Kimber and Grace quite often that I feel like there needs to be a support group formed for both the members and their families. I feel like I spend so much time learning from the site that I neglect my family. I can just see it now: Welcome Blue Bunnies! Hi my name is Bobbi and I wear my BB slippers all the time, start off every statement with in SK12 I discovered that.. Welcome Bobbi to our hutch!!
    Anyway-I love it too. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with all of us.

  2. Bobby I love your description of the "bunny support group" :) I have been amazed at the family feel also! Thanks for commenting!


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