ISTE Expo 2014

Each year of ISTE I enter the Expo and am amazed at the size and noise! It is easy to get overwhelmed and loose track of time. Some exhibitors will pull you into conversation, some exhibits will catch your attention, and some you will plan to visit.
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Some people enter to win free stuff. Some will enter every drawing, some specific ones, and others do not participate. Others will take freebies from each. Each and everyone has their own purpose and plan for their visit.

And you need some sort of plan when the floor plan looks like this:

I personally like to gain a couple t-shirts and have specific exhibits that I want to visit. My husband also had a request for me to look into for him. 

I've also learned that if you time a visit toward closing that you can get your hands on some "good" free stuff. I will follow this post up with two specific thank you posts, but for now....

**Be sure to click on the thank you links above to find out more!


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