Who am I?

Who am I? What do I "do"?
Sometimes I don't know how to answer that question. I have a lot of "hats"/roles. Does that person really want to hear all of them? Which one do I tell them about?

Hat 1- wife and mother
This isn't always the "hat" that I talk about first. Often when people ask about me, I fail to mention these. However, everything that I do and the decisions that I make are based around these important people in my life! I couldn't do what I do without these people! They often believe in me more than I believe in myself.

Hat 2- teacher
This really sums up what I do and "who" I am in general terms. I love teaching/training. My brain is a teacher's brain.
This is one of my favorite teacher outfits :) It signifies a time in my life that I am proud of. When I left my Masters program I knew that I wanted to be in teacher training or working with teachers with technology. This was a huge turning point in my life and my passions! So many opportunities have opened up for me with my degree and technology training.
I love that I have the opportunity to work with K-12 and college students and teachers! I absolutely love that I am able to work at my children's school!!

Hat 3- librarian
I do not have the "proper" training (probably thought mostly by those that do), but I still manage our K-6 library. As I write this I am sitting in our new home town library. There is a great little coach in the children's section. I can relax and look out the window. Or watch the joy of my children as the "shop" for new books to read. I am all librarian here. Enjoying the smells, views, the sound of the scanner, and the love of reading all around me.
In the classroom, I love that technology fits right into library and planning a few tech projects throughout the year is fun.

Hat 4- professor
I started over five years ago at CCC as an adjunct professor and I find myself back in that role this year. I love my college kids! I especially love my tech class :)
And once a year at graduation.....I get to take out my regalia and wear it proudly as I watch my kids move from their college classroom to their own classrooms!

Hat 5- administrator
This is a hat that I didn't see coming, yet one I'm excited to wear. I may never want to put it on again after this year :)....but I believe it is the one that God has for me this year. I can't wait to work with ECS teachers and students full time! We have a great administrative team and outstanding teachers! I know that this year is going to be full of learning and growing and I am glad that I am able to do it among such loving people.

Hat 6- tech geek (This is my "catch all" category for extra tech stuff that I do.)

I'm a presenter, trainer, and coach with technology.
I create websites and keep websites up to date for school and others.
I love to learn and play with technology.
I tweet, Facebook, LinkIn, Google+, AboutMe, Blog, etc.
I'm a life long learner so I take online classes, go to conferences, etc.
I own my own url.
And it gives me "geek-bumps" to talk about it all :)

There are probably more hats that I could come up with, but these are the ones that really summarize me. This is "who I am" and "what I do".
And why "I'm Technically Speaking"!


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